Sometimes your cupcake needs a fancy house to hang out in.  VOILA! our cupcakes now come with the option to be packed individually.  Use it as a portion-controlled afternoon snack, or to gift to your favorite person, loved one, co-worker or even dentist.  
Release your inner child!  Our amazing vanilla cupcake with bubble gum frosting, sprinkles and a piece of dubble bubble gum on top.
Our classic vanilla cake stuffed with caramel, topped with a swirl of caramel frosting, a soft caramel & caramel drizzle.
Two desserts in one, our classic vanilla cake stuffed with chocolatey fudge, piled high with cookie dough frosting & topped with a chocolate chip cookie.
Say Happy Birthday to someone! Vanilla cupcake filled with colourful sprinkles, pink or blue frosting, confetti & a candle.
A chocolate lover's dream. A chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting & a homemade brownie.
A moist banana cupcake stuffed with gooey caramel, swirled with with maple frosting, drizzled with caramel sauce & topped with a banana chip
Vanilla cake, chocolate frosting, fudge & caramel drizzle and a home made candy bar.
Nothing beats the classic. Vanilla cupcake, Vanilla frosting and topped with our famous home made shortbread cookie.
A chocolate cupcake with mint chocolate frosting, topped with a home made chocolate.
Red Velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting and a teenie, tiny Red Velvet cookie.
The new campfire classic. A graham cupcake, filled with fudge, topped with roasted marshmallow frosting, a graham cracker & a chocolate bar.
Just like a classic Ice Cream Sundae. A chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, fudge, sprinkles & a cherry.
The boss' favourite, just like mom used to make.   Vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting & sprinkles. 
Chocolate cake, cookies & cream frosting, topped with a delicious sandwich cookie.


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